Dead Pilots Society

Episode 55: Arab Spring written by Ed Weeks (The Mindy Project) and Meena Dimian (Zahret Al Khalieg)

Episode Summary

Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich bring you Dead Pilots Society, a podcast in which pilots passed over by the networks finally get their due.

Episode Notes

This month's episode is a delightful dramedy called Arab Spring written by Ed Weeks (The Mindy Project) and Meena Dimian (Zahret Al Khalieg). It was set up at CBS Studios and sold to Showtime with Craig Ferguson attached to produce. 

The show's main character is the host of a wildly popular Arab talk show in Dubai. After being fired for offending the powers that be, he moves to , New York, where he drives an Uber while working towards his American comeback.

In Andrew’s interview, Ed and Meena talk about their budding bromance. How they became friends and why they started writing together. Meena talks about his experience hosting a government funded Arab talk show and the limitations it presented in terms of comedy. Ed offers interesting insight on writing partnerships and how he juggles between them. A nice discussion about the romanticism of making it in Hollywood and the importance of true organic collaboration. Enjoy it!

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