Dead Pilots Society

Episode 53: Code 5 written by Sandeep Parikh (The Legend of Neil), Ed Brubaker (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), and Mel Cowan (Brockmire)

Episode Summary

Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich bring you Dead Pilots Society, a podcast in which pilots passed over by the networks finally get their due.

Episode Notes

We have another hilarious episode for you this month! ItsCode 5 written by Sandeep Parikh (The Legend of Neil, Community), Ed Brubaker (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Westworld), and Mel Cowan (Brockmire, Parks & Rec). Code 5 sold to FX and it follows two odd-couple cops stuck on a never ending case. It's like a funny version of True Detective where they're out canvassing and doing the tedious dirty work that you rarely see in cop shows. Based on a short-form series Sandeep, Ed, and Mel created for the EffinFunny YouTube channel. In Andrew’s interview with Sandeep and Mel you’ll hear about their non-traditional way into comedy, their backgrounds in improv, and why they attribute all of their success making things with friends. They also discuss the future of cop shows and whether or not those stories can be told anymore. It was a great philosophical discussion about storytelling and comedy. Enjoy!

Code 5 Stars Asif Ali (Wrecked) as Sam, Phil Lamarr (Family Guy, Futurama) as Triggs, Milana Vayntrub (Love, This Is Us) as Rita/Jessica/Faye, John Ross Bowie (Big Bang Theory, Speechless) as Terrence, Janet Varney (The Legend of Korra, You’re The Worst) as Dr. Krakowski, Mel Cowan (Brockmire, Key & Peele) as Old Woman Customer/Coyle/Clerk/Security Guard, and Sandeep Parikh with stage directions.

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