Dead Pilots Society

Episode 52: Most Likely written by Gloria Calderón Kellett (Creator of One Day At A Time)

Episode Summary

Ben Blacker and Andrew Reich bring you Dead Pilots Society, a podcast in which pilots passed over by the networks finally get their due.

Episode Notes

This month's episode is Most Likely written by Gloria Calderón-Kellett (Creator of One Day At A Time). It’s a hilarious, heartfelt and raunchy ensemble comedy about a group of 20-somethings whose quarter-life crises are triggered when letters they wrote in high school to their future selves show up in their mailbox. In Andrew’s interview you’ll get to hear the absolutely incredible story of how she teamed up with comedy legend Norman Lear to create the One Day At A Time remake. She discusses her experience at her first job in Hollywood taking packages for Cameron Crowe; things she wished she knew when she was a staff writer; and some tips she's learned from Norman Lear. Enjoy!

MOST LIKELY stars Ana Villafañe as Stella Cortez, Taran Killam as Tucker Zayne, Victor Rasuk as Matteo Greyson, Emily Chang as Arlo Lam, Tyler Ritter as Atticus Anders, Caitlin McGee as Nora Asher, Todd Grinnell as Mr. Frost,Gloria Calderón Kellett as Woman (Creator/Showrunner, One Day At A Time), and Andrew Reich with stage directions.

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